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Code Enforcement

  1. Code Enforcement Feedback Form

    Please provide us your feedback on your interactions with Derby Code Enforcement

Derby Proud

  1. Tell us why you are Derby Proud

    Please send your thoughts and photos to illustrate why you are Derby Proud.

Fire Department Forms

  1. Fire Hydrants

    Use this form to tell us if a fire hydrant is in need of paint or if you'd like to volunteer to paint fire hydrants.

Meet in Derby

  1. Information for Special Event Rentals

    Are you interested in rentals at Madison Avenue Central Park (the Venue, Pavilion, picnic shelters, amphitheater, event lawn) or Warren... More…

Municipal Court Forms

  1. Derby Municipal Court Customer Feedback

    Our staff invites you to provide us with feedback to help us better understand and work to improve your experience with Derby Municipal... More…

Police Department Forms

  1. Alarm Registration - Business
  2. Bullying Report
  3. Contact Your Beat Officer

    Residents can submit questions or concerns to their beat officer. There are four beats in the City of Derby. You can find the Beat Map... More…

  4. Vacation Home Alert Request
  1. Alarm Registration - Resident
  2. Citizen Complaint Form

    The professional standards function is important for the maintenance of professional conduct of the Derby Police Department. The... More…

  3. Police Department Feedback Form

    Please provide us your feedback on your interactions with the Derby Police Department

  4. Youth Citizen Police Academy Application

Spring Into Art

  1. Spring Into Art - Food Vendor Application
  1. Spring Into Art Vendor Artist Application

    If you are an art vendor and would like to participate in the City of Derby's Spring Into Art event on April 24, 2022, please fill out... More…


  1. Paperless Billing Authorization

    Sign up to receive your water utility bill via email.

  1. Water Account Information Update

    Please update your personal information so the water company has accurate information on file.