What street improvements will occur and why are they needed?

The City would like to fully implement the pavement management plan that was implemented in 2021. That 10-year plan originally looked at the City using ~$800K in property tax funds to supplement special street and highway funds for street maintenance activities. The plan recommended the City get close to maintaining a pavement condition index (PCI) of 70 and streets backlog of 15%, but would require $2.7M in spending annually to achieve that. 

City Council has funded the plan at $1.6M since 2021 due to lack of funding to get up to $2.7M. Costs have increased 40%+ for street maintenance activities since 2021 so more funding is needed to appropriately maintain City streets and sidewalks.  The proposed questions would allow the City to maintain streets in a better condition utilizing sales tax funds. With the 1% sales tax the City would able to spend ~$2M more annually on street and sidewalk maintenance. This would greatly improve the pavement rating for streets in Derby.

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1. Why is the City requesting a sales tax increase now?
2. When, where and how do I vote?
3. How did the City decide what to put on the sales tax ballot?
4. What is the ballot question for the proposed sales tax?
5. If approved, what will the new sales tax rate be?
6. Why a sales tax increase?
7. If approved, how much revenue will the new sales tax create?
8. If approved, how will I see the proposed sales tax at work in the community?
9. How will the new sales tax impact my wallet?
10. Why use a sales tax instead of another type of tax?
11. What will the City do if the proposed sales tax does not pass?
12. How does the public know that future spending commitments will be met?
13. How does the City manage the sales tax project funds?
14. What street improvements will occur and why are they needed?
15. What type of park maintenance and improvements will occur with the new sales tax?
16. What type of public safety equipment and capital improvements will occur with the new sales tax?