Trash Franchise Information

  1. Contract Information
  2. Trash Franchise History
  3. 2022-2026 Contract
  4. 2009-2021 Contract

Contracts & Services

Since 2009 the City has contracted with Waste Connections of Kansas, Inc. (WCI) for residential trash and recycling services. This assists in meeting City goals and has:

  • Provided equitable rates and customer service throughout Derby
  • Enhanced and expanded services
  • Increased Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) diversion through recycling
  • Established contractor accountability

Highlights of the current Waste Connections Contract 

  • $51.87/quarter for 95-gallon cart, with up to 10 extra bags free
  • $45.75/quarter for 65-gallon cart, plus $1.50 per extra bag
  • $39.63/quarter for 35-gallon cart, plus $1.50 per extra bag
  • Annual increases set at 2% throughout contract term

Highlights of Services

  • Two free coupons can be used each year for either two bulky item pickups or one bulky item and one pickup truck load taken to the Waste Connections Transfer Station.
  • Single-stream recycling with biweekly pickup of recyclable items. Do not try to recycle Styrofoam, plastic bags, greasy pizza boxes, unlabeled plastics, trash, or items not on the list.
  • Free carry-out service for disabled and those ages 65 and older (take your driver's license to City Hall at 611 N. Mulberry to be scanned and sent to Waste Connections).
  • Discounted rates for small businesses, community parades, festivals and park events.
  • Free service for City-owned facilities.