Smith Farm and St. Mary School

Location: Madison Avenue Central Park, 512 E. Madison Ave.

In 1912, Oliver and Alice Smith began a family farm on 240 acres, including this current park land. In 1938, Robert and Mildred Smith took over the farm. In the 1950s, the Smith farm sold to build houses needed for the post-war baby boom. From 1953 to 2013, St. Mary Catholic Church and School served and educated thousands of families on this 10 acres of the former Smith Farm. 

In 2016, the city opened Madison Avenue Central Park after remodeling the school gym into an event venue (where the Smith farmhouse used to be) and constructing the Pavilion (where the church used to be). The park honors the community’s devotion to faith, family and friends across generations. 

“Ann and I had children in St. Mary’s school for 25 consecutive years.” - Pat Egan, 1929-2016, Derby Centennial Celebration Co-chair, 1969 

Helen Smith Parish and friends of the Egan family sponsored this marker in memory of Mr. Pat Egan and to celebrate the legacy of this land.