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Pet Licensing

As a pet owner, you make sure your dog or cat is healthy and safe. YouAnimal Control walk them, feed them nutritious food, and get their vaccinations to ensure protection from rabies. What sometimes gets missed is the licensing of pets. A pet license is a way to make sure your pet is protected if they get lost. Here are the reasons why you should license your pet:

License Your Pet
Derby Police Officers and Animal Control Officers deal with lost pets every day. A license tag provides identification. If someone finds your pet, he/she can be traced back to you, which will help him get home safe and sound quickly. Proper identification means a faster return to your family.

Derby City Code requires residents who own dogs or cats to have them licensed by the City. The City has issued license tags to local veterinarians so they can hand them out to pet owners with the purchase of a license. These City tags are to be attached to the pet’s collar. The tag has both the rabies vaccination information as well as the pet owner information.

You can purchase the license for $10 ($15 for pets not spayed/neutered) and receive a tag for your pet on your next visit to the vet. Licensing and tags are available at your veterinarian’s office as well as City Hall, 611 Mulberry Rd. Contact Kelly Jones
at 316-788-1519 with questions.

The following vets have tags to distribute: El Paso Animal Hospital, Rainbow Valley Veterinary Clinic, Tanglewood Veterinary Clinic, Blair Doon Veterinary Hospital, and Rose Hill Veterinary Health Clinic.

Prevent Rabies
A pet license requires proof your pet has been vaccinated against rabies. Keeping your pet up to date on all vaccinations is important as a responsible pet owner. Not only does this keep them safe, but, in the unfortunate event they get lost, animal control or anyone else who comes upon your missing dog or cat will be able to find a way to contact their owner.

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