City Grill

The City of Derby Public Works Department constructed the City Grill in May 2006. The grill was made from 100% from recycled City Grillmaterials, aside from a few embellishments. The grill is available for party rentals for a $50 per day, with a $100 cleaning fee. The $50 fee covers the cost of propane.

The grill has a large cooking surface, complete with 12 burners that can accommodate a large number of hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs, etc.

The City Grill is available for use in any City park, and in conjunction with public or group events at approved locations. The grill will be delivered and set up at your site based upon your reservation information. Additional information is available as to site restrictions and rental requirements. You may obtain a rental agreement here: Grill Rental Agreement

If you have questions or would like to reserve the City Grill for your party, contact Shana Sneath, Public Works Coordinator, at 316-788-0301 or by email.