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Rain Sensors

Rain sensors are required for all new residential and commercial irrigation systems (both well and city water). In April 2008, the Derby City Council passed an ordinance requiring rain sensors in all residential and commercial automatic irrigation systems. Review the Rain Sensor Ordinance.

What is a rain sensor?

A rain sensor is an electronic device that measures rainfall and interrupts the automatic irrigation cycle. The sensor turns off the system when a predetermined amount of rain has fallen. Sensors are mounted above ground in an open area well suited for gauging rain. According to Derby’s ordinance, rain sensors need to be set to turn off your automatic irrigation system when 1/2 inch or more rain has fallen (although residents can adjust sensors to a lower setting).

Why is this required?

As a public water supplier, the City of Derby makes water conservation a priority. Water is an increasingly valuable resource that should not be wasted. The City of Derby encourages residents and business owners to make water conservation a priority as well.

What do rain sensors look like?Rain Sensor

There are two kinds of rain sensors available - wireless and hard-wired.

Where can I buy a rain sensor?

Rain sensors can be found at most area garden centers. You may also research different products available on-line. If you use a landscaping company or sprinkler system service provider, you may ask them for assistance.

How much do rain sensors cost?

Rain sensors generally cost between $20 and $60. Installation can be performed by either the property owner or by engaging the services of a sprinkler system service provider (who will charge a fee for services).

If you have questions, call the City of Derby at 788-1424.

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