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Snow Routes

Snow Route Map
Snow Routes & Procedures

The City of Derby is dedicated to providing an immediate and efficient response to weather-related traffic hazards. The primary objective of snow and ice removal is to reduce the hazards of inclement road conditions to motorists and pedestrians, and to facilitate the handling of emergencies by police, fire, and medical services, as well as maintain safe and passable school bus routes.

The City achieves these objectives through a cooperative effort of several city departments. The plan for the coordination of personnel, equipment and materials when inclement weather occurs involves the Public Works Department, Operations Department, and the Derby Police Department.

First Priority

  • Emergency routes and primary traffic routes
  • All essential municipal and public facilities and school zones

Second Priority

  • Secondary traffic routes

Snow Removal Procedures

  • Snowfall less than two inches - Generally, snow removal is not necessary, and pretreatment procedures provide for safe driving conditions.
  • Snowfall two to six inches - Typically, snow removal begins as soon as possible after snow fall has ceased (this also depends on the timing of the snowfall). Every effort will be made to provide safe driving conditions prior to peak traffic hours.
  • Snowfall greater than six inches - The City of Derby has a system of primary and secondary streets that link neighborhoods, major arterial routes, and facilities such as schools. Depending on the duration of the snow fall, it may be necessary to continually clear primary streets in order to ensure public safety. Once snow fall has ceased, priority streets within the city will be cleared before snow removal begins on secondary streets.
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