The City Engineer oversees the GIS Division and Engineering staff. The City Engineer also oversees major infrastructure projects, including street, sewer, water, drainage and sidewalk improvements. The Engineering Division is responsible for both in-house design of projects and review of consultant design for CIP and subdivision projects.

This division maintains and updates the city's standard specifications and details, prepares contract documents and specification manuals, administers construction of most infrastructure projects, and submits projects for consideration of outside funding from various sources. The division is also involved in the planning and cost estimation of future projects for inclusion in the budget and the City's CIP (Capital Improvement Plan).

Completed Projects

  • Reconstruction of Kay St. and Water St. in the West End Business District including adding sidewalks. 
  • Patriot Ave Turn Lane onto North Bound K-15.
  • Reconstruction of Market St. from K-15 west to River St.

​Upcoming Projects

  • Reconstruction of River St. from Market St. to Madison Ave.
  • New access point and full-access traffic signal at K-15 midway between Patriot Ave. and Red Powell Dr.
  • Realignment of Nelson Dr. from Meadowlark Blvd. north to Patriot Ave.
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