Trash Franchise

Trash Rates
Before Dec, 1, 2009, trash bills paid by Derby homeowners varied widely because the industry was unregulated. Some people paid $65 - $82 per quarter (three months), even though many homeowner associations had deals with trash companies for rates more around the $45 - $50 range.

Efficient Trash Pickup
Such variation in rates is testament to the efficiency to be gained from authorizing only one truck to serve any given street on only one day of the week. The driver picks up more trash per hour than in the current system of driving all over town to serve only certain households, skipping those served by other companies.

Obviously, such reduced truck traffic is good for street maintenance, noise and air pollution, and general tidiness of neighborhoods (all trash carts at the curb on one day rather than some on each of several days of the week). See the Effect on Pavement Information.