Trash & Recycling

The City of Derby offers franchised trash and recycling for all Derby residents through Waste Connections. Rates can be adjusted once a year by Waste Connections, Inc., in response to certain cost increases allowed in the contract.

Trash Cart Rates

(includes bi-weekly recycling)
Carts are offered in three sizes:Trash cart sizes
  • 35-gallon cart: $37.59 per quarter
  • 65-gallon cart: $44.58 per quarter
  • 95-gallon cart: $51.59 per quarter
As a way to save money, consider switching to a smaller trash cart.
Call Waste Connections at 838-4920 to change cart sizes. Derby’s rates continue to be lower than most in the Wichita area, and Derby residents are not subject to fuel surcharges. Derby residents also get more services for the money.


Weekly residential garbage collection is performed on Monday through Friday. By 6 a.m. on your day of service, please set your garbage container within two feet of the curb and at least three feet away from a mail box or any other object or obstruction that would interfere with collection.

Waste Connections observes the following holidays: New Year's Day, Thanksgiving day and Christmas day. During the weeks of these three holidays only, the day of the holiday and the pick-up days following will run one day late. Trash will be collected on Memorial Day, July 4 and Labor Day. 


Annual Bulky Waste Coupons

Waste Connections offers two free annual bulky waste options to residential customers. These are good for either two bulky items picked up at the curbside or one curbside bulky item and one pick-up truck load of trash you take to the Waste Connections transfer station. To schedule your bulky item pick up at curbside, call Waste Connections at 838-4920.

To redeem a transfer station trip, call Waste Connections to have your coupon mailed out to you or pick one up at their office at 2745 N. Ohio in Wichita between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday. Take the coupon, along with a photo ID, to the transfer station at 4300 W. 37th St. N. to dispose of your pick-up truck load of trash. These two free options are only for Derby residents who are active Waste Connections customers.

Due to recent storm damage, Waste Connections has offered 2 extra curbside collection coupons besides the ones mentioned above. If you are unable to go to the chip site in Derby to drop off tree limbs and debris, please call Waste Connections at 838-4920 (M-F 8 am -5 pm) to get either 2 curbside collection coupons or one curbside collection coupon and one for a pick up truck load to their transfer station. Waste Collection transfer station is open 4 am-6 pm and can take larger tree limbs/trunks. You must call and get coupon before scheduling a trip to their transfer station. This offer of extra coupons is only valid for two weeks and will expire on July 7, 2019.

Recycling Perks

If you recycle with Waste Connections, sign up online with Recycling Perks or call 1-855-813-2154 to receive rewards and monitor your positive impact on the environment. You will earn 50 points every time you recycle. Registered participants can earn up to $25 in discounts a month and $300 in discounts each year. Participants may redeem their coupons, discounts and special deals with local vendors, retailers, restaurants, grocers and more.


Waste Connections is not responsible for any items left in or around trash containers. Prohibited items include tires, car batteries, oil, paint and any other hazardous materials prohibited by the transfer station.